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Press release “Roboscan” AERIA Aircraft Scanner.



*Roboscan AERIA Aircraft Scanner was presented in Bucharest at Black Sea Défense & Aerospace.

Early presented by Bianca Dobrescu May 18, 2016, sincerely, please by who or took over the orders if it is possible, and is not the airports secret,

Sincerely the price is too much under-price,

 derisory for the invention, regarding to concerning flights, they will take fight Price air deepeners.

this article is translated by me for Rumanian in honour, for science and mysteries 2019-03-11;

It can become the invention of the century in the field of security. It is a unique technology through which Romania has attracted the attention of the whole world, says Stint and Mystery,

The world's first aircraft scanner, Rob Oscan AERIA, was presented for the first time in the Black Sea Défense and Aerospace -BSDA, an exhibition organized at ROMAERO, the world's only technology that can be used to radiograph the fuselage the wings of a line jet of up to 50 meters in length and thus can identify illegal objects or bombs that can be hidden in the structure of the plane, writes capital.ro.

"We can make a complete radiograph, fuselage and wings, of exceptional quality, up to 1mm resolution, to detect dangerous objects, bomb threats, weapons, smuggling, various things that can be hidden in the plane and that can be hidden and in the technical cavities of the aircraft, where the inspection usually done by the authorities is very difficult, "said Adrian Bizgan, MB Telecom's representative.

The scanner can also cover all short-haul airplanes, such as those that fly in a radius of up to 5,000 kilometres.
The scanner is one hundred percent Romanian, being invented and produced by a Romanian company. According to its representatives, customers are already interested in using such control.


"We are in very advanced discussions with several airlines, airports, security companies, VIP aircraft owners. Costs are between 3 and 9 million dollars, depending on size, equipment, type of airplane inspected, "added Adrian Barzgan.
Rob Oscan AERIA is just one of the aeronautical defences, national and cyber security products presented at the sixth edition of the BSDA.

Practically, here are the latest technologies developed for the defence and security industry. Also, as a premiere, an AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter demonstrator is also presented at BSDA.

During the exhibition, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Protection and Guard Service, as well as the forces of the National Défense Ministry were also present at the exhibition.

 The latter had demonstration flights on Wednesday with aircraft such as the C-27 Spartan, the MiG-21 Lancer, the IAR-99 Sosim and the IAR-330 Puma SOCAT helicopters.

A mobile integrated surveillance system has been brought to the stands, whose designer is in talks with the Border Police to implement such systems at the borders of the country.

"Integrates the entire range of surveillance sensors into a unitary system. Basically, we have a field radar that detects targets within a radius of 7-8 kilometres, a sensor block containing a thermal imaging room and a living room, and another sensor block containing a laser rangefinder - all on one device.

 Last year we gave the product to be tested by the Border Police and they are currently interested in organizing an auction for such a system, "said Mihai Jarbu, technical director of the company selling the product;

Övriga genrer (Journalistisk text) av Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
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Publicerad 2019-03-11 23:47

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Jeflea Norma, Diana.
Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP