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How to resist such an apology...


"First of all, before I tell you how beautiful you are, and even though I haven’t done any thing wrong or punishable, I want to apologize. It’s just that, you’ve been so good to me and you’ve made me so happy that I think my feelings are too strong for words when it comes to expressing my gratitude for this friendship, a love that grows brighter every day and stronger every night. 
Right now I badly need to tell you I love you and I want to let you know how devoted I am, how you can count on me and also how emotional I become when I hear songs about perfect and corresponded love stories, which, I believe, is the path our mutual feelings are following. 
Loving you means a healthier awaking every morning. It means the motivation to face the light of things, things that sometimes blind us, but it doesn’t mean blindness before the immense light stemming from my heart every time I look at your photo or think about you. 
Obviously there’s no such thing as a crystal clear or even transparent relationship between two people. Perfection is not part of human nature, but it can become a goal and that is my goal, to be honest and pure towards you, to be solid as a rock in this belief of loving and serving you.
With this letter, I want to mend this fault on my part for not constantly saying how much I love you.
Hope you had a wonderful night?
Have a wonderful week.
Kisses and hugs"

Fri vers av Rise Little One VIP
Läst 137 gånger och applåderad av 10 personer
Publicerad 2019-03-12 08:27

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  ResenärGenomLivet VIP
Så vackert du skriver...

  Lars Hedlin VIP
En stark känsla som bär en genom beröringen och livet!

  Marita Ohlquist VIP
Berörande och vackert kärleksbrev!

    Elisabeth Nilsson VIP
Such a wonderful and touching loveletter you have written!

  ADI Nehlin VIP
Så fint, fint skrivet.

  Per Vers VIP
En mycket vacker och varm kärleksförklaring i det lilla vi ibland är som människor, men också i det stora vi kan vara till och för varandra i kärleken i allt det kan vara och skapa!
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Rise Little One
Rise Little One VIP