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toxic contrasts

Reverse moth
I am drawn to your darkness
I grew up beside it, learned to live with it, breathe through it, feed from it
And if I don't keep it without me
It ends up within me

Thrill seeker
You give me that,
That umph!
That sense of power in my powerlessness

Challenge me babe so I can say I still got it,
I was born a bull rider

But let me tell you,
I could smell your toxicity from miles away,
the type to soak the air unnoticeably
Until you begin to suffocate
Each inhale harder to make

And still I chose you, and I keep choosing you

And trust me,
I don't want to change you, fix you, turn you around - don't tie me to the tragedy
I just don't want to be you so bad
I need to keep you close to remind myself of our differences

You are the shadow to my sun babe

Fri vers av Litage
Läst 186 gånger och applåderad av 9 personer
Publicerad 2019-03-20 09:04

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  the apache kid VIP

  Domenico VIP
Contrasts indeed!
En begåvad text där inledningsraden skapar intresse för fortsättningen...
Reverse moth...I am drawn to Your darkness...
Att finna näring och behov i det förgiftade...och förgiftande...

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