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Further up the road

What is light? 
Well, it was easy to explain the danger of the darkness responding to you before you shine brightly well, yes, how good and beautiful it is, and blends me in and out. 

But then I'll put you holy in jaw and place straight for your black to condemn me and they're my 666. 
At first, the speech is true, the language this: 

The darkness in the side becomes evil better and is and always remains the strongest side versus light and in hate and preferably at maximum, strength becomes boundlessly hard if you are naturally born fighter, and enjoy what you obey or follow that goal in what has clearly been learned to be the danger itself and to be killed many times before the attempted test has been too late and has been picked, then grown up, owned the best, owns better and superiors its own!

But balance is needed in this between body, soul, heart, and then my children are what light does not pride in or in vain are ugly or cowardly weaker. 
For the right education in training, know and be self-respect before late show balance by light inwardly remove seeds of weeds or let it grow. 

A still foundation edged by being gold itself before giving otherwise and keeping the inner compass correctly shown and giving the best control of defending itself against the enemy from the unclean source of hatred in urgency, picking from the depths of the depths of the depths and keeping it away all crocodile tears.

Övriga genrer (Brandfackla) av Vigge
Läst 52 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2019-05-16 15:06

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