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fotot från senaste karnevalen i Hammarkullen, som i bästa fall gestaltar Tomiros bild av månaden Maybe och/eller själva månadsmakerskan

from Tomiro's Book : Sunday 58:th of Maybe 2049



Today you met this green human creature who's making months. We've given title MonthMaker, though people name her everything from June to May. You saw unborn seasons, slowly melting from MonthMaker's hands, rapidly shaped into frozen months you never believed could exist. Closest impression lied somewhere between MaryPoppins and grownup Tinkerbell. Her great grandfather is mysterious MinuteMaker, from town where tortoises transformed minutes. Nowadays people pay gold only for invisible nano-seconds - or whole months in same package. Maybe developes definitive form, since human students booked her to dance on their final celebration. Afterwards you asked Maybe playing tree for vaettirs...?








Prosa (100-ordare) av TrollTörnTrappan VIP
Läst 93 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2019-05-28 13:08

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