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Jag har haft Janine på repeat ---souligt och så hör jag det jag vill höra i lyriken

Don't be a stranger



Tell me what's up with you
Could be looking at you from a different angle,
maybe next time or another lifetime
Thought you were a good person from the gecko
Deep down inside I thought the best of you
But you treated me like a ghost
Walked away like we never happened
Like we didn't know our boundaries
Now ama put my cards on the table


We could have been friends, friends
With benefits
We could have been lovers, lovers forever
We all make mistakes, pay the papers
We all chase our dreams
In reality we do what we gotta do
But you played with my heart
You lied straight to my face
and I can't really put up with a player


I don't wanna remember you
for your selfish ways and ego
You told me I was sexy and gorgeous
That's what you called me honey
and I was thinking bout being faithful
Now when I see your name on insta I flip
I don't wanna remember you, in vain
Maybe I was a trophy, you mine
You never said trick or treat, if I only knew
I would have slammed the door
I can't believe I was thinking 'bout being faithful
Can't believe I fell so fast, shoulda been more careful

Is't small things or big things
eating your heart out?
Or is it all in your head?
It's so typical, feeling stupid for trying
Rumor has it you're not single
and neither am I


It's a small world
but I don't think we will run into each other
I don't wanna act like a stranger,
like a stranger

We could have been friends, friends

With benefits
We could have been lovers
Lovers forever
We all make mistakes, pay the papers

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Läst 118 gånger och applåderad av 8 personer
Publicerad 2019-06-04 00:18

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  BenGust VIP
Crossing boundaries for a slice of
real existence.

Jag har handlat i stress, blir sällan bra tyvärr klart du ska med
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