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I am scared to tell you I am broken.

I've been debating over and over in my head,
Do I tell him? When is a good time?
But I always end up saying nothing instead.

How do you let someone in when they always seem to let go,
is there a way to be close to someone,
without letting a lifetime of baggage show?

I didn't know mum was sick when I was a kid,
that it wasn't my fault and,
that laying in bed for days wasn't something they all did.

I sometimes wish my dad had stuck around,
guess there's no way to know if it was mum or us
that simply drove him to the ground.

I wonder if ever other people knew,
that I would've given all our money and fancy living,
just to be normal like you.

If I every meet someone with a mum like mine,
I wonder if you ever feel enough,
or if you're also anxious all the time.

I hope one day I am brave enough to trust he will stay,
that despite baggage and heartache,
he will understand and that it doesn't scare him away.

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Läst 78 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2021-02-10 20:53

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