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Fråga en vän vad jag skulle skriva en dikt om. Fick svaret svamp. Så här är min dikt om en svamp, på engelska. Förlåt för stavfel och konstig grammatik.

Fungus among us

Have you heard about a fungus
who can open up your senses?
She grows everywhere among us,
her name is sister Cubensis.

Be well prepared when you eat her,
beacuse your third eye will open.
Ancient visions turns reality into a blur,
her wisdom will heal what is broken.

When your trip starts to kick in,
and you begin floating on a galactic ocean.
Remember that this potent potion gives you
flowing focus and everything becomes
poem unspoken, derived from raw emotion.
Take a moment in motion and visit
the frozen mountains of Jotun,
and return the stolen child named Loki.
Hoping that Odin is joking
about breaking the unbroken promise
that will reopen war and make peace hopeless.

Stop that moping and dont you worry,
your mind is only playing tricks on you.
You are spellbound, your thougts are looping,
repeating in a neverending circle.
Your fate is not one with Ragnarök,
take this hammer of the thunder god,
fly away through space and stars abroad!

Close your eyes and just listen,
can you see how the music starts to glisten?
Do you feel your body melt into where you are laying?
You're becoming one with everything and ego dissolves it's fading.

Diagnosis says your not stuck in a psychosis,
it's just the psychedelic fungus
keeping you in her hypnosis.
If you fight the evil charlatan
she will make you feel useless,
with a pen you can be a poet,
and then you can turn those snakes into roses.

Bunden vers (Rim) av Mauri Kattila
Läst 83 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2019-10-01 16:11

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Mauri Kattila
Mauri Kattila