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hey you there
stay still, dont
move an inch
you got a whole crazy
retarded, amazing
mind boggeling
time bomb
machine universe
on top of that
wobbely neck
dont lose it like a set of keys
one down is a library in flames
or so they say dont
let no vultures prey
make that diagnose sing


just shave the top feathers please

i'm done with all the rage
got love and then sent it away
give me a call from a drunken telephone pole in phuket
baby you're on your own, shes on tour now
in love under baht bought beer skies

i'll give you a ring i swear
i'm just a slow burning cigarette
fighting a lost cause against the ash
screaming when time burns my ass
it's just a matter of it

pickled in vinegar for unholy alliances
back soon for a back of the throat kick
soon soon soon

zoom zoom zoom

you cant miss this

we all missed the dinner bell
and the next banana boat goes boom
void of bananas full of banana brains
you get more than you pay for if you
know how to peel that skin off
i swear it

next one to cuckoo town
i went looking for you there
but i'm like greece with money
all about fairy tales
dreaming up most of it
choosing benders
and brain odysseys

just without the waves
just walking across ocean floor
giving up on the closest island
my wallet took me to copenhagen
sharing bedrooms with 13 others in silence
big dreams but not the suitcase to match it
is where you can't go
just share your secrets with strangers over
nearly cold tuborg, bartender looking like i should be lucky
he serves me
chug it and shut it mister
swetard, i'm on it, i'm in it
drunk guy asking if i want to share it
the piss cakes, blue and yellow, in the urinal
that's me!
and i'll give you some advice, youngling
don't use that one, the piss will bounce back on your knees
and that's all

they're allright
the danish

seem to be standing in someones stream
christiania would be a dangerous place
if not for all the smoothies and weed
i think theres strawberries in the bushes mate
see some hiding beneath the lunch break business men
joint ventures by joint passing
hostile takeovers, who will we be slashing
so much blood spillt for this sun kissed alley
for this kind of alternative reality
you may think you're the boss of me but i'm
untouchable in the next door company
if you dont care about knowing
what my steam is made of
excitable, the love of life
still painting death on faces
yours and mine
someone gave us chips but no place
to cash in
letting them fall where they may
i'm calling this bet, it's all rigged and set
by boom boom barons like hurricanes and
asking questions just breeds more of the same in this
incestous brain we're made of
cutting off ears is just one degree too sane
for me

press send

they want to hear the beats of someone else for a change
you lovely smile behind enemy lines
somewhere shes having the time of her life under
baht bought beer skies, clouds of gold
rain down on us
dont let me see you choke just
and be careful what you wish for
it's all a joke written on a note left by the side of the road
just read it
or dont
it's all absurd chaos
just live it
the trick is not minding the burning

just chugging

Fri vers av Love Död
Läst 130 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2019-10-17 18:55

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Love Död
Love Död