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Lämnar bara den här. Om någon vill, lämna gärna konstruktiv kritik.


I’m not talking about a common crush.

It’s not like something you thought you felt in middle grade when that one cutie was saying hello at you in the hall. And you almost, almost fainted on the spot. Because hello, they talked to you. I mean. Oh my.

I’m talking about the bone crushing kind. The thirsty kind. The drowning kind. That one that seeps into your bones and stays there, weighing you down and makes your heart ache, ache so fucking much. That kind of feeling. That soul yearning kind. That one true thing. That hits you in the stomach, that hits you over the head, that makes you go ‘oh’ when you realize. When you realize what it all means, what it all indicates, what it is. That feeling that hugs you from behind, that kisses you neck, whispering sweet nothingness in your ear and caresses your heart. That one thing. I’m talking about love. That one that causes you pain, that causes you pride, that causes you happiness, that causes you feeling so damn much. That one kind that truly matters. I’m talking about the love that holds your hand, listens to your words, keeping you stranded and lets you be free. Let’s you be you and me be me. And us connected. Holding us dear. Holding us near. Making us believe. I’m talking about that one. That one true love.

Have you ever felt it?



Because I have.


-//- 17/10 2019

Fri vers (Prosapoesi) av Celticgirl VIP
Läst 182 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2019-10-17 19:44

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