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The joy of being

"Luminious is consciousness, brightly
shining is its nature, but it becomes
clouded by the attachments that visit it"
-Anguttara Nikaya

"For whoever seeks God in some special way,
will gain the way and lose God who is hidden in the way.
But whoever seeks God without any special way,
finds Him as he really is...and He is life itself."
-Meister Eckhart

Behind the story of "me"


the truth you can only be

Observe that the mental voice

is mere noise

You are the knowing

that is neither coming nor going

The silent song of timeless awareness

The waves fall back into stillness

All is clear, joy is here

Simply life

as it



Fri vers av Nils Teodor VIP
Läst 151 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2020-01-12 12:52

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  Larz Gustafsson VIP
Gud har uppenbarat Sig i Jesus Kristus.
Han är en Gud. Inte tre.
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Nils Teodor
Nils Teodor VIP