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Lullabies and Alibis

Lullabies and
mixing metaphors
on Pacific Coast Highway
just north of the
Santa Monica bluffs
diamond cap
ocean waves
glitter as I stutter
on my left
down the cliffs
in the summertime
my eyes behind
start to dance
got a small back pack
filled with flimsy stuff
and a mint fresh copy
of The Dharma Bums
by Jack Kerouac
with an american football
in my palm
regulation college
standard gauge
watching the cars whiz by
trying to manage a
smile and a thumb out
for a ride
Waiting for someone to
say, "Okay, Hey come on along"
soon I'm riding shotgun
in a cream Volkswagen bug
on my way to San Francisco
watching the hawks
patrol the mid-day sky
they glide on the air waves
and I'm sort of mesmerized
the friendly driver in a tan
and sandy
cowboy hat proffers a doobie
and all of a sudden the afternoon
is feeling rather groovy

the apache kid

Fri vers av the apache kid VIP
Läst 47 gånger och applåderad av 6 personer
Publicerad 2020-03-18 19:13

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the apache kid
the apache kid VIP