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day's gone
this one is all talk
apocalypse coming
on every tongue
in every breath
the four horsemen riding
this side of everywhere
i took it to heart
and my ride from work bare chest
i let this deadly march air
violently kiss this scarred up breast

farmers spreading cow shit yet
spring is coming, if you dare
and for a second, no elbow shakes no fucking
plastic hands, i took her down to rocksjö lake
and gave her the first of the year bath


i'm alive still

and it's been in the contract all along
you need to read the fine prints
these cells are a short term deal

it's really screaming in ink

i'll taste everything tonight
in spite of these numbed out buds
and fall in love for the 500:th
and last time

the one to remember
make it count
crossing do's off
i'm free of sin
with you in the bathroom sink

(even our neighbour's)

we'll make the royal palace swing
swung you in the high school gym
making our dying breaths deadly
this floor is rolling
and i've made my own oar
ate my meals with the reaper's scythe
i'm nothing to a virus
no longer afraid to die
as it happened to be
an experienced life

Fri vers av Jens Fjæstad VIP
Läst 24 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2020-03-26 21:56

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Jens Fjæstad
Jens Fjæstad VIP