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Denna text skrevs 2016 på svenska, och nu har jag översatt den till engelska. Förhoppningsvis är all grammatik korrekt..

Wistful eyes

He approaches her, but suddenly stops and lifts her hair away from her neck while his face towards her, and then he kiss her tenderly on her neck. He stays in that moment for some seconds, and then he drills his face against her neck as her skin smells wonderfully good. The perfume leaves traces on his face as he unwantedly backs his head, but he leaves his hand around her neck. He wanted more of her, while looking at her with wistful eyes. Her scent, taste and bare skin gave him desire to touch her passionately. This was temting his body, and he smiled at that feeling.

Miss V pauses with her work at the computer, and with a gasp she looks up at her partner, and then she stretches out her hand, playfully ruffling her hair. While Miss V still has focus on her partner, he grabs her head, and pulls it close to his face, and in a sudden, as surprising second, he gives her a passionate kiss, so she almost loses her breath. Miss V is totally stunned, but she felt that warm intense flame within her too. The partner, standing up, looks straight down at Miss V's sweater, and contours of her breasts flashed under the fabric, which immediately aroused the desire to her even more.

A lustful craving of her rushed through his body, and a slight shiver shook him and the fantasies of what he wanted to share with her began to rush. The novel she is working on has suddenly disappeared from her mind, and she is far beyond focus now. On the radio, their favorite song is played, which in a timely way fits in perfectly at the moment. Miss V has got other ideas planted in her head. Or was it an expected longing, which now took off.

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Prosa (Kortnovell) av Valkyria-Fatale VIP
Läst 64 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-04-17 15:01

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