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Ännu en låttext jag knåpar på som ni gärna får kritisera konstruktivt. Sitter även på en dos beslutsångest över mina två möjliga refränger, men de fick komma med bägge två i denna knåpiga upplaga.

Lucid haze

When everyone’s asleep I’m breathing sweet air awake

Inhale songs of nightingales and exhale mistakes

No need for your magic dust while in my escape

Nothing right now seems too late


Keep kickin’ through my thoughts to find another clue

When I’m hungry at night I bite off less than I chew

Wish I could feed my days with all these beaming moon truths

Where everything keeps running smooth


And northern lights

Show where our kingdom lies


Lucid haze

As nights blend with days

Skyline never looked so good ablaze


Chilled out on the rocks to fuse in this summer flow

Vibes ripplin like water cranking Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I keep playing lethal weapon like a fiery Monroe

The skies gain more shades in my glow


Swim better in the lake caught in the dewy grass breeze

Wet hair when I come up still warm by day-sun degrees

Mood light like the wind that shifts the shape of the leaves

Feng shui’s granted on lease


And northern lights

Show where our kingdom lies


Lucid haze

Burning skies confuse our nights with days

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Litage
Läst 193 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2020-05-02 23:03

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Holy shit! Awesome stuff!!!

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