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For Melissa


If you could choose one place

one place somewhere inside my chest

to lay your colored feathers

glowing with your glance

a place to have that could be yours

to fill

to fill with your art

to paint

to paint with your smile

to soothe,

to soothe and touch

if you could have a place in me

in my body

somewhere under my ribs

where you could lay your craft

your clay, your words, your voice

maybe somewhere under my ribs

and if you could only choose one

which rib would you choose

to open, to bend,

to draft a nest in

to drift into, safely and gracefully

a place to be yours

a place for your presence

your glow

your kindness

a room to be reminded that you are not living unseen

that your language is not unheard

that your ache is not wasted

or brushed unfelt in the wind


If you could choose only one place

one place somewhere inside my chest

where would you lay your colored feathers

where would you lay your glance


where would your hands start to carve

where would you share your tears and your laughter

where would you start

Fri vers av Zachrisdotter
Läst 86 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-06-20 06:28

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