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scener ur mina drömmar från senaste dygnet, som jag tolkar dem genom att här låta materialet vara delar av Tomiros framtida verklighet

Tomiro's Diary : Monday 74:th of Yul 2050




Far out in the ocean you see a lonely boy among hundred grey waves. You find it hard to estimate whether he's fearful or happy. His voice doesn't need to shout, 'cause you hear every word, like that boy was standing beside you. Still you don't know whether he's drowning or just playing. Suddenly we make you fly to his position. Now you must be this boy, Tomiro. You easily walk ashore, where an adorable cat dwells. She takes nine steps closer. Shy you try to neglect her interest. When you finally reach for that cat, she becomes your shadow.



Followed by your shadow into some endless storage building, you realise this cat must be Yuli, a young woman you once loved. Her personality slowly becomes obvious... ...as you read in a sci-fi book while walking. Thirty-seven feet behind you she shows fantastic ability to describe each page. Detailed pictures are rolling cross the paper. Like each cartoon animal were a special word?! They turn in flashing sequences, more rapid than you ever have read anything. Yuli seems able to follow every animal picture like letter combinations. Simplicity meets complexity. We believe you missed our message from yesterday. Kindly revisit :



Forever your dreams return to some big school - probably still your real ground. Today's lesson comes in shape of a zoo (partly indoors, maybe museum). We see you're zooming in the monkey cage, narrow as a stairway but high as a house of human apartments. A single ape with spider legs lives inside. Strictly instructed NOT to feed it, you bend apart net meshes anyway, pulling up piece of fruit. Neither safety guards nor the monkey personally pays attention. However up next corridor, a piano player is proud to teach you. Feels like you've already been friends some decades ago?!






Prosa (100-ordare) av TrollTörnTrappan VIP
Läst 46 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-07-04 20:28

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  KattenKin VIP
Finstämd poesi, underbar fantasi, tänker och känner direkt att detta egentligen är en låttext med musik till liknande Pink Floyd eller så. Tjusigt!

  Nanna X VIP
Oj oj vilka förvandlingar där i första stycket... först blir läsaren Tomiro, får sedan kattskugga?

Apan i sista avsnittet verkar större och starkare än Orangutangen Orvar.

<3 Tomiro
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TrollTörnTrappan VIP