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Valborgsmässoafton -95 gick min mamma bort i cancer, tio år senare skrev jag följande:

Ten years

Ten years has past since we sad goodbye,
since we we sat by your bed and watched you die.
It felt like my heart had been torn apart,
as your fight was over, mine did start.

The years that followed of pain and sorrow,
when I lived for today and not tomorrow,
sure included some things I’m ashamed of today,
but my soul was on fire, what else can I say?

Through the years when my life was an awful mess,
I’m sure that you still would have wished me the best.
But because of fate, and it’s powers so strong,
you couldn’t be there to help me along.

Now ten years has past and to tell the truth,
I’ve learned to go on, to live without you.
After ten years of crying and wondering why...
my tears has stoped falling but they will never dry!

Fri vers av Rockskalden
Läst 192 gånger
Publicerad 2006-07-11 22:59

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    Dead Wisches
Vad fin den va! Den ä väldigt välskriven och så bra! (`´)
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