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The Exhalation of the Presumed

Time is way to give room;
being is a flashlight

Existing is finding a situation;
something situated

Individual existences
are drones:
The sound of everything
is what you perceive

The perceiver is the emptiness
of matter;
the moving grail
of resting will;
the great unlearning

The picture of my old 1950's school house
and a black RCA single with Elvis Presley
beside it
are a time in place,
good to the last drop,
just like Maxwell House Coffee

Existence is a place to think

Time is thought

The great unlearning
is the unwinding
of the wound-up;
the exhalation
of the presumed

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP
Läst 9 gånger
Publicerad 2020-07-20 10:29

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Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP