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For you Dad

My faith waivers

and oftentimes I loose perspective

I am flawedly diving to deeply into moments

and into my experiences

my faith fails me

and oftentimes I loose myself in details

and sometimes I forget who I am


Your faith is grand

so grand it is enough for both of us

your faith reaches over the globe of my


Always you are with me

through all

you would carry all my sorrows

you would take all my pain

you would take it all

if you could

no matter what has impailed me

anything or all things thrown my way

on this road

on this human trail

this earthly travel

I´ve been gifted as my own

all my grief, my pain, my doubt

you would take it all


I am your daughter


You like the beauty of kindness

and your faith is deep

you talk to me about

this mystical journey we call life

you are not afraid of death

I try not to be
I try to feel the comfort of your faith

when I feel imperfect

when I fall

I know

my faith oftentimes waivers

but yours is grand enough for us both


You´ve always believed

in my healing

in my self-peace

and so many more things

I strive for

and in my integrity to own my life

so that others can be inspired

and moved

you´ve always believed in my talent

in my light


You´ve always reminded me to look at peoples actions

more than listening to some words

you´ve always reminded me of the bigger picture

more than focusing on the details and encouraged me to gently deny thinking

about what if´s

and you´ve always reminded me to not demand answers

or dwell on questions, as there is always a new question

in every answer

and we know so little

we know so little


To believe is more grand than to know

more loving

more kind

more present


I learn from you not to be looking back at life to try and fix some past

route or movement of smaller events or scenarios
of them

you strive for the big breakthrough
I believe that aim to be utter beauty

I learn from you there is never antything to let go of

that I am always at the base of light
always carried in the larger presence of kindness
I am your daughter


You are my father

you are a mother too

so beautifully so vast you are both

in one soul

you are a father and a mother

I am proud

I am proud to be your daughter always with you

I am with you

I can see us know walking along a path by the ocean

You picking up some pebbles and some stones

You always find the most gracious ones

You always show them to me

You collect their wisdom, hold them in your palms, you bring them home

I am your daughter


your faith is grand


so grand it is enough for us both

Fri vers av Zachrisdotter
Läst 55 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-08-11 18:21

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