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Crying as you realize your power

Crying for me was always a doorstep, transition to another level.
This what you noticed during the shamanic trance - that you are able to receive visions by using your own mind alone without any other tools. And that realization can be connected with your recent emotional crying explosion. Which is absolutely one off the most beautiful moments in life. Realization - Tremendous Love for the experience you just had when you are leaving it as you are entering a new realm. When I think about it my soul puts tears in my eyes as a kaleidoscope of situations when I am crossing the doorstep is flashing through my mind. It is very beautiful to be able to share this with you.
This connects with your strong reaction to this video:

This short piece presents an ultimate solution to the whole disaster of the World. But unfortunately only very few people, maybe five, maybe three or maybe only two peopl are able to understand that. So this is the proof that a disaster of the world in which the most people leave is produced by the state of their mind. Imagine that you are the only one who knows that. What would you do? When you already told them all they need to know and all what they need to do in order to stop that misery that is happening to them.
Just say:
- Freedom, Happiness across Universe We are helping each other to be free
We are helping each other to be happy -
Say it and mean it.
And when you say it feel it in your body.
And this is will change all the misery of the World into Paradise.
So now you can see that destiny of entire Humanity is up to misguided children with mentally induced brain damage.
But maybe this transition is already happening because I don't have any idea how many people did see that video and how many people are doing this already.
You can be sure they'll not tell you on TV about it.
Instead they'll enforce on people a mandatory distance against each other
...and if this whole attack on Humanity with Covid-19 is possibly the controllers' response to that transition that is taking place right now.
That's how they are desperately trying to stop this transition to happen in order to keep the World in misery forever.
Because how many people did watch that video you will never know. Most of this what you see it has been manipulated.
I experienced with my own eyes how the viewers' numbers were dropping down from few thousands to few hundreds.

Bunden vers av solyot
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Publicerad 2020-08-25 17:45

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