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The guy asks: Why is that chicken wire around the City?

The guy asks: “Why is that chicken wire around the City?”
The voice: “What City?”
The guy: “The City I’m living in.”
The voice: “There is no City here. This is a chicken farm.”
The guy: “What? A chicken farm? Where am I? On a chicken farm? Why I am here?”
The voice: “You are here because you are a chicken. Dummy!”
The guy: “What? A chicken? I am a human being not a chicken.”
The voice: “Sorry, you have some wired fantasies.
You may be thinking you are a giant too.
You have been listening to many conspiracy theories.
We may have to put you on medication.”
The guy: “I swear I’m not a chicken!”
The voice: “Google it up!”
(The guy looks up in Wikipedia under CHICKEN. He sees a picture of someone looking like him. Two hands, two legs, head on a top. There is a female too.
The female looks almost like his wife. He suspects that this is his wife or
he would prefer that.)

Why this is being implement?
Because when the chickens of a farm discover WHY they are there and what’s really going on it is not a big deal.
When humans discover that what’s going on - it is a BIG DEAL!
When it happens it will be an enormous transformation through the entire world.
That’s why this is being forced on humanity as quickly as possible before people find out.
* * *
This is very tricky process: COMMUNICATION
Why this absolute, this most powerful human potential that can be achieved by communication is now in this society so fucked up??? Hmmm?
Did you ever think about it?
Why is that?
Every time when I’m about to send this message I’m getting immediately distracted and I have a problem to follow through.
Can I say it’s because I got busy?
It doesn’t matter how I will call it, what excuse I will choose to have but this is not a real reason.
The real reason is that some fucking wall appears in front of me and stops me from doing it.
Partly this can be blamed by a natural reflex to leave your request unanswered as you choose not to answer when I was calling you to invite you for a music/drumming party in the forest.
But there is some other factor beside to satisfy our ego by doing to someone what someone did to us.
I think we humans are under a very brutal, devastating attack that is . The purpose of this attack is to dehumanize us and to turn us from being humans into being DRONES.
This is deadly.
The goal is that the drones will do only this what the drone owner/programmer wants them to do.
That way the human-drones are being stripped from any form of individual view, choice, response or resistance towards the drone owner who can do with the drones whatever he/she wants to do: like to deprogram them or to destroy them.
And ther purpose is that those drones will not resist.
Well for that reason the drones do are designed so they do not communicate with other drones unless they get programmed that way by the drone owner.
This scary process is turning humans into mindless robotic slaves and it is being applied on every level of our existence.
By looking around it’s obvious that in huge degree this dronization of humans has been accomplished.
It became a serious epidemic in human society to ignore other people when they try to communicate.
Most “people” (droned humanoids) do not realize that. They will just ignore other beings which are trying to communicate with them unless they have some material interest in it that is included in the programming.
The communication just for a humanly contact to exchange the views and experience, this kind of human exchange got mostly eradicated.
It’s an absolute tragedy.
No one can notice it or hear about it because the communication is mostly damaged.
I have a feeling that soon the governments may try to make such a humanly communicat

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Publicerad 2020-09-03 15:56

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