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how warm is a lightning strike

the view from up top
is so that you cant see the ground
you'll be in the clouds
way past first half down, you say

and love is ment to
expand your mind
no keeping shapes
just to live
with the wrinkles
in your head
as you're growing
mental stretch marks
on your brain
and i'll love the shit
out of each
and every one of them

and say thank you
for the magic you carried
just to give away

stepping up sideways crablike
gotta warm the bench sometimes
untill the call, coach
crackle and pop
hit that shit to the moon, son

home run

and you're off earth in its
full upright and locked position
ladies and gentlemen, you may
when the signs light up
set your egos aflame

if you want to make it home

there's always
a long way to go
love aint a crown at the end of a race
you gotta earn that shit every step of the way

(and probably
fuck it up repeatedly until you get it)

running up and down eachothers aisles bare feet
and maybe it reminds you of someone else
but it's in colour now, in HD, you realize
you've never felt this grass before
as it's tickeling your toes

and how warm
is a lightning strike
maybe i'll find out
locked between your thighs
thinking about how someday
they'll be mountains
and horizons beneath an earthrise
for your newborn, a map, as for me
and every other piece of shit
that had the privilege to breathe

Fri vers av Love Död VIP
Läst 113 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-09-09 19:12

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mental stretch marks
as you grow
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