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Who will change the world?

Brothers and sisters: the fight is on. Always remember you’re not alone

From the mountain tops of the Southern cone, to the river valleys of Tehran - arise eagles!

Do not fear the prison guards, or their lethal needles


It’s high time to break the spell. To hell with their dollars and shiny collars

Yes, we dare. Our morals is to share the black soil and its riches, not kill for oil and the seven leeches

And if they warn you of the late hour and dire consequences, answer them:

“We are used to hard labor and punishment. We refuse to let hate be our nourishment!"


But, Who will change the world?

The striking teachers in West Virginia and the women toiling from dawn to twilight in the textile mills of Bangladesh - I'm proud to bear their banner on my flesh

The young workers assembling Iphones and forging bonds of love and joy - from Guangzhou to Hanoi

The poor farmers vowing to come back from the camps and deserts to rebuild Ghouta and Aleppo


Arise sons of Spring; arise daughters of the western whirlwind! Arise from among the ranks of the humble!

Help me to spread the word - the men and women of destiny will overcome the dictatorship of the sword 

Their imagination will survive mass deportations and deprivation, on the road to workers' government in each nation

The working people will save themselves from the carnage and the dead weight of a bygone age

Their fighting solidarity is the soul of my art! They are the makers of History; their total victory is the promise burning inside of my heart


A smoking gun won't do. Let’s reach out for the sun!

The broken ones say the music is gone; they’re afraid to fall again, if they dare to breathe light and look beyond the night

Pain won't remain the driving force of this story. The hungry children in the ghost towns of Ohio can't be fed with lies and barren glory 

Capitulation is not an option for the bright wings of human inspiration


Arise sons of Spring - harden your chin; arise daughters of the western whirlwind - break the chains of original sin

Put on your climbing gear - tomorrow is near, we've been riding for a hundred years - and keep your left ear to the ground

Can you hear it pound with the restless passion of a Prometheus unbound? 

Nightmares and endless destruction be gone. Brothers and sisters:

The fight is on. Always remember you’re not alone!

Fri vers (Fri form) av Rafael X
Läst 64 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2020-09-13 00:29

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Rafael X
Rafael X