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Where am I going?

Where am I going
where have I been
what will it take to repent
for my many sins
must I wander
on a path
to a realm
beyond my life
questions of inertia
abound dealing with daily hype
the outer and the inner circles
could be found and end this mighty strife
off the grid of consciousness
fortune smiles eponymous
whatever that means?

the apache kid

Fri vers av the apache kid VIP
Läst 37 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2020-09-20 13:29

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  Seasons VIP
Bra text, och bra frågeställning...

  danne // VIP
A tearing and slow heart beating row..
it reaches my inner me somehow !

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the apache kid
the apache kid VIP