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but you can become one too

Only Homo Sapiens here are Falcons and this Heroic Mother

"People will not believe what they see
because they believe only what they were told."

Fuck the Motto

I cover myself with blue clay I find on a bottom of the bay
The mud quizzes me as it dries out
I become grey and rough
Ancient sculpture dug out from Earth
I take a trip to underground in Shamanic Transe I learned from Chumash Indians
(Only ritual left, that wasn't erased from Human Culture
Everything else you do it's only this what was allowed by Inquisition)
I go deep underground to a source of the Supreme Energy of Universe from which all the things and ideas are made.
I stand there without my body, just as a thought in an absolute glow like I'm inside of Sun. I wait patiently.
- What do you want? - The question goes through me like a wave that dissolves my identity. All that is left is my mission
- How to counter this attack from another dimension?
A blast of an earthquake goes through me as an answer
- I have you to find this out. - It echoes between Heaven and Earth with a thunder
I'm back from my underground trip like I was never there
I'm sitting on a boulder splashed by waves glittering in Moonlight.

- Watch for any idea of violence
If that appears in your mind
This is not your idea,
Unless in you have to act in self-defense
Watch for any idea of oppression,
It's not yours.
Any idea of causing someone suffering or pain
Any harm done even to yourself
Any form of injustice
Or making up a lie to gain power...?
These are not your thoughts
There is no power greater then Truth
Truth is
You are here to be free
You are here to be happy
That's all what is to know
Everything alse that is different then that
Is made to destroy you

These are not your ideas
They are projected onto your mind like WiFi
Do not act upon them
Delete it
Press delete button
By knocking with your fingers on your SOLAR PLEXUS

You are here only to be free
You are here only to be happy
Everything else than that is to destroy you
Throw away all the garbage like
'Life is suffering. Love your abuser. Die to go to heaven."
Don't get scared of dark thoughts
They are not your thoughts
knock them off on wood, on your solar plexus
They are harmless
But if you follow them
You are trapped,
You are enslaved. You become their tool to oppress others
A pain from being oppressed makes you to hurt others

Standing in the sea
Splashed by electric waves
Connected by salt water with all the continents
Bound with all the beings
I'm calling in my mind with my voice so loud
I hear Firmament cracking:
- Freedom across World
- Happiness across World
- We are helping each other to be free
- We are helping each other to be happy
- All of you who are suffering,
All of you who are oppressed, all of you
who are being cheated, starved, beaten, raped, tortured, terrified, all of you who are being murdered...
I send you love so you can be free, you can be happy
You can help others to be free, to be happy
Earth is designed to be Paradise.
Yet the most people are in misery,
In constant pain and suffering, starvation, rape and torture
that is enforced only to control you
You are constantly infected, poisoned and terrorized,
I'm turning Earth to be Paradise
As it is designed to be
Life in harmony with Nature, in harmony with each other
This is our only goal, this is our pleasure,

Related song/video:
"Know Your Power"

The Australian police handcuffing a pregnant woman for posting an anti-lockdown message

A baby in her woom and
two kids are watching their mama violated by cops,
But you can help this heroic Mother of Humanity
You can stop those mindless meat-drones working on a behave of hell
Just say:
- Freedom across World
- Happiness across World
- We are helping each other to be free
- We are helping each other to be happy
And when you say it - feel it in your body
That you really mean it,
and the cops will release her as soon you say it.

You will see how it really works this Cosmic law
that was hidden from you by the controllers

I'm hunted to tears by a picture of a Syrian boy
Skinny in rugged clothing trying to drink water dripping from a rusty pipe sticking from a ruins of a home
Innocent boy same age as my son stolen from me by the Evil Emporium
that is bombing Syria now
He looks at the camera with big eyes surrounded by insects.
a victim of that agenda of pain enforced on humanity by controllers

I watch three Falcons dancing in the air above the city
Teaching a youngster the art of flying
tricks and brilliance.
What intelligence to use density of air to climb effortlessly higher and higher
to dive down piercing air like an arrow
Somersaults and glides
If I was an idiot I would be definitely jealous
instead my mind is singing a melody being just composed to this gracious dance
If I was an idiot like the last one I talked with who puts animals into lowest category...
Instead I am happy that there is a specie that can see what is in their eyesight and not what they were told
I'm happy that there is a specie not totally fucked up like the millions of assholes down there on the ground claiming superiority in their euphoria of confusion and obedience.
What a shame.

The only Homo Sapiens here are these birds
Those who call themselves Homo Sapiens are crawling worms, snapping turtles
Someone gives them a dollar
They'll kill you for a dollar

But you can change
Get your blue mud and do it

It's getting worse by a minute.
But I change that
UN is Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa
The mass murderer is cocking vaccine for you now
But I change that
As soon as you know it
He stops doing it
This text above I was typing 3 times and it has been disappearing like by a touch of Satanic wand
I don't give up!!!

Shame grows bigger and darker
How much darker can get?
The rulers of the idiots are trying to ban the effective treatments against Covid-19
Can this get worse?
To stop that you have to know what's behind all of this.

Everything points that the governments are working against You
& against Humanity.
Who they represent?
Definitely not You, not the People who think
that they elected the governments.
So for whom are they working? Mindless destruction?
Committing a mass murder by the Covid-19 pandemic attack and making illegal the remedies and treatments that can heal you and protect you.
But up to 90% of people who test 'positive' for Covid barely carry any virus & are not contagious. Every stat about the disease is BOGUS.


There are many signals of Darkest Extravaganza
that the most exuberant fantasy can't embrace
A horror of the horrors
Humanity is being taken over by non organic forms •=¶=™^=[™]?^=¶¶¶
My keyboard freezes
How far this take over goes?
I'm not giving up
Humanity is being taken over by non organic forms of Another Dimension.
At first they target the media
100% lies
in a best case 5% truth written on keyboards that explode
Majority of governments are already controlled by those entities from Another Dimension
They are turning my computer's software into a virus
Instead of this I'm writing on a screen appears jibberish:
-"Expected duration girl in the garage zhabuki nautic jet because I was headed to war with Russia the books at Eliza both of you in jail Sheriff address of swoops about Summersville tell your mother to go get a shower and some cognac Play Dustin Lynch on garage. All movies of the summer"

I share this with my friends.
Will they think I lost my mind?
What I suppose to... pretend I don't see what happens?
They don’t get shocked
“That's quite possible, because I'm having thoughts that are not mine.”
or “Yeah, sometimes I think so too.”
or “This explains alot. Absolutely.”

This is a war against Humanity and against You
simply to kill you or enslave you,
dehumanize you to such a degree
that you will work for them blindly obeying their orders
abusing and killing others
The most vicious is that they conduct this War Against You under a slogan-camouflage "TO SAVE YOUR LIFE' .

The truth is totally different then what you were told.
Data from three US states – New York, Nevada and Massachusetts – shows that when the amount of the virus found in a person is taken into account, up to 90 percent of people who have tested positive should actually have been negative, as they are carrying only tiny amounts of the virus, are not contagious, pose no risk to others, and have no need to isolate.

Inexpensive COVID-19 Treatment, Will It Be Banned Too?
They're working already to make effective treatments illegal. Check this link below:

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