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Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves.
I remember when you said: meet me tonight,
It felt so right.
and I was sure, that you really care.
I wanted to stay in your arms forever,
with all the beautiful autumn leaves everywhere.
I am so glad that you care.

the moon will rise, the sun will set.
but I will never forget,
how you used to treat me so good.
I wonder how you could,
leave me and let me down.
I used to feel so blessed, and I felt so much joy.

I will always remember when you said: this feeling will last forever,
Please, don't leave me.
It made me smile when you said:
the World is ours tonight.
I want you to stay.
You makes me feel so alive.

I will fight, I will bleed
if that's what you need.
If tha is what it takes, to make you stay with me.

even you face the night, afraid and alone,
that is why I be there.
I thought you were an angel
wanting to fly.
But now you just makes me cry.
knowing, that all I can do is to cry.
All that sadness comes from the wounded hearts.

Even you feel sorrow and pain,
You said: I would never shed a tear, on love in vain.
whenever you feel lost and sad,
think of me, and I will be there
And show you that I really care.

I believe in a God, who is always listening to you
and who really cares.

I know what is good, and I know what is right.
I know when to give up,
And I know when to fight.

I think that God can mend every heart that is broken.
And a God that always know when I am in need of care.

But why did you leave me,
it is really not fair.
Now all the leaves reminds me of you
I can' Believe it is true
you don't want me anymore
I want it to be like before,
when everything was nice and easy,
And I couldn't ask for more.

Bunden vers (Annat versmått) av Jeanette Jansson VIP
Läst 51 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2020-09-30 15:21

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Jeanette Jansson VIP