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Indian Summer

If you're listening to this song
to tell the truth I don't know if
I'm doing right or wrong

It's all just so confusing
Crickets and warm wind,
Indian Summer now it begins

The first leaves are turning
pale yellow in the trees
highlighting their autumn canopies

In the creative process
I just don't know if I'm winning
or losing, or if it's just coming
out a draw in the wash of things

Do my words reach hearts and minds
or are they just typed on this page and
left behind?
Do they hit the wall never to return,
lost in a notebook
sitting on a shelf stored
in a file I placed somewhere else
far away?

I'm looking for love
I'm looking for acceptance
watching the dove fly
6,000 miles and 10 years
away from LA, the ocean
and Kathy who danced in the rain

She followed me to Firenze, Dubrovnik
and around the Mediterranean Sea
to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

But now, sometimes i just feel
so terribly alone
and raw right down to the bone

Don't mean to go all Neil Young
on you,
he's a straight arrow
who knows how to string his bow
and he knows how to sing
and leave your ears ringing

Okay, sometimes life has
fit me like a glove, was it
Luck, or preparation or Providence
from above?
I've got photographs as evidence
to show my best potential friends

Sitting in a party book embraced
by silver bookends

If you're listening to this song
to tell the truth I don't know if
I'm doing right or wrong

It's all just so confusing
crickets and warm wind,
Indian Summer so it begins

God knows, but he's not telling...
why can't s/he just write
a headline in tomorrow's paper
dedicated to me
for all the world to see

Divine intervention of the first
degree, maybe I'm on Heaven's
schedule, but in the meantime
I am detained

Yes, I'm looking for Divine intervention
of the first degree, the kind that opens
your eyes and you can plainly see
your path, my path, pardon me
without stepping on the frog hopping by
enjoying the scenery

Bound to this life, this history
cheese and crackers,
I've tried to make amends
for my foolishness and the capers
of my youth when I didn't understand
what really matters

Maybe I'll burn some incense
light a candle and
look at the afghan coat I bought
to give Miss Right
to keep her snug
walking in the snow
on Winter nights

Holding on to the railing
so afraid to fall
dreaming my future
waiting for your call

My therapist repeats the mantra
over and over
to me, 'One thing at a time, take
it one thing at a time, please

I'm going to wrap myself in
Indian Summer and drive
these blues away
Yes, I'm gonna wrap myself
in Indian Summer and wish
these blues away

the apache kid

Fri vers av the apache kid VIP
Läst 35 gånger och applåderad av 8 personer
Publicerad 2020-10-05 11:30

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  Lottie Ålhed VIP
Tack för vacker dikt med ordet indiansommar som är tjusigt bara det.
Och orden som mantran att upprepa. En sak i taget. Fint!

  Solstrale/ Eva Åberg VIP
Indiansommar är en fin metafor! Bra skrivet med många perspektiv som klarlägger många filmiska vyer i mitt inre! Tack!
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the apache kid
the apache kid VIP