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"Prize for Lies" is a warning for the followers of Stalin's agenda and is making them to understand that a deception done to others is causing a harm to those who are doing it.

Censorship/Removal of Warning "Prize For Lies" by Redaktione

Censorship/Removal of my text "Prise For Lies" by Redaktionen poeter.se
Sv: Gällande borttagen text
Vi har fått anmälan mot din senaste text A Price for Lies. Vi har valt att ta bort denna text då den inte faller under poesi och därmed inte passar in i vårt flöde.
The text "Price for Lies" was bringing awareness to those who are serving the totalitarian agenda and committing acts of censorship and oppression.
Such awareness aims at a very core of any kind of oppression.
"Price for Lies" is a warning for the followers of Stalin's agenda and is making them to understand that a deception done to others is causing a harm to those who are doing it. By lying and censoring you they are turning themselves into to idiots. USEFUL IDIOTS (as they were called by their very beloved boss and idol Joseph Stalin) That's why the text was removed. Because it could stop the whole enslavement if those who are following the oppressor's orders will suddenly realize that they arte enslaving themselves.

There will be always some agent coming with a complain trying to silence those who are revealing the government's crimes. There will be always someone very 'offended, upset' who will send 'ett meddelande' that something "inte passar in i flöde".
What 'flöde' are you talking about?
'flöde' of totalitarian indoctrination that is being implemented on citizens of the World?
Because this is exactly what my taxt was opposing.
Are you preparing to change a name from: "poeter.se" to "facister.se"?

Don't you think that those who don't like what is written... They should absolutely not read it. But they should not be able to stop everybody else from reading it. That's fascism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains this very clearly: "In order to transform the government so that it will reward the rich with even more wealth, the people who want to do that, in the large corporations … have to get rid of civil rights. And the first civil right they begin with is freedom of speech."

Are you aware that...? ...by removing my text you not only broke the law by violating free speech, but you stole information from those people who may need it. You stole from people may be very important info that can help to understand what this fake 'pandemic' is about. You stole from people an intel that may safe someone's life or possibly many lives.
You stole from people an intel that may safe the whole humanity from falling into a gulag tipe totalitarian concentration camp where all the individual human values will be wiped out.
A person/entity who has a problem with this kind of information that you stole from people, this entity gives a signature of who she/he really is. You are not children anymore. You suppose to know better.

I suggest you to put back this text which you stole with an apology not to me but to those from whom the info was stolen by you.
And we can forget about it or you want to try resolve this issue in court because you should know that you violated a constitutional rights.

It is very important to underline the fact that removing this particular text "Price For Lies" wasn't done by some random esthetics.
The text "Prise For Lies" contains a very clear warning to those who are committing acts of oppression and disinformation. It's a warning to hose who are the soldiers of the totalitarian attack on humanity that is taking place right now with a fascistic tool: Covid-19.
Stalin was calling those obedient servants of the system 'useful idiots' and that mass murderer (Stalin) was one of the most brutal executor of all time and for the totalitarian agenda he murdered 43,000,000 (43 million) people. He openly said that all the censorship, oppression, torture and slaughter was done by USEFUL IDIOTS.
The text "Prise For Lies" is directed to those who are committing a crime against humanity by doing job for that same agenda that Stalin represented.
The"Prise For Lies" is explaining to those people who are doing this dirty job that by stupefying others, lying and deceiving, (censorship is one of those services by castration of human views) so by serving Stalin's agenda they are turning themselves into idiots.
Stalin personally is giving them a warning by calling them 'useful idiots'. That's pretty much all you need to know to be a human, but for someone with a goal to dehumanize the society an act of bringing awareness of this particular kind is a very uncomfortable detox that may ruin the whole agenda of totalitarism.
You don't need to be a racquet scientist to figure out that they make themselves the #1 Victims of their own ignorance and their political correctness -- obedience to the totalitarian agenda. That's the "Price of Lies" they have to pay for lying to others. In other words: they are doing it to themselves.
So now, watch this... Here comes a punchline:
I'm publishing this warning and there immediately come some followers of Stalin's agenda and they instead of see the the warning and use it for their own safety, they decide to censorship the warning so nobody else will see it.
That's a deception on a top of deception. But such a misconduct becomes a standard procedure if someone gets misguided to do a work of useful idiots.
The most important reason that the text was censored was bringing awareness to useful idiots because such an awareness crushes the very core of any kind of oppression. A warning for the followers of Stalin's agenda is making them to understand that a deception done to others is causing a harm to those who are doing it. That's why the text was removed.
If you disagree with the CENSORSHIP please write it in a comments
Solyot Zbig
Text bunden by Love and Freedom
Welcome to my new compositions on

Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
Hej vän, jag lärde mig också vad "permanent avvisad" betyder och "permanent våg" på en modersmåls litteraturwebbplats. Jag hoppas att du kommer till en rimlig diskussion där poeter.se kan skapa en avvisningsfunktion med tillstånd att hålla texten avvisad utanför ditt privata ämne så som med våra bilder bevaras och inte förenas med eller förväxlas med global och politisk censur eller kvalificerad stöld av mänsklig intelligens.
Naturligtvis är konsekvenserna av lögner en hel värld där det ockulta vill ha någon alibi pretext metod för att vi förstå att människor är skyldiga och deras personliga hygien inte nya omorganiserar världen genom att eliminera dem som inte gillar dem.
Du är modig!

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n this mental prison / verbal masturbation station (poeter.se) 2% of the participants can show an understanding of what are they standing for.

Since this text was published the number of readers showing their support for humane content is less then 2%: for over 100 viewers/readings there are 2 people able to show their support.

That's less then number of humane prison guards in American Prison System.

According to statistics there were 10% of prison guards who were openly willing to show their support towards the prisoners committing an ethical acts against inhumane rules or against inhumane behaviour of other guards.
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