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I do not know you.
Your presence eludes me.
You are a stranger.
Never have I seen your face.
Or felt the touch of your grace.
Yet I still search for the faintest trace.
Of your existence.
Oh, how I the pity the fools,
who blindly follow you.
they are nothing but tools.
That carry out your will.
At the expense of their own.
They serve you in good faith.
Thinking its to your approval.
But how many minds has been ensnared,
and perished at your divine order?
Those that have actually dared,
to forsake the oath of loyalty.
Forever and never shall live.
In the absence of absolutes.
The sacrifices done in your name,
must have caused you to blame,
those that dwell in your lost paradise.
The crimes caused by your children.
Paved the way to our prison.
Of eternal suffering.

Fri vers av Eros Elton VIP
Läst 41 gånger
Publicerad 2020-12-24 12:52

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Eros Elton
Eros Elton VIP