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Santa Claus Dressed in Black

Christmas Eve
I'm about to go to bed
Recalling being a child
going to sleep on Christmas Eve
With my heart pounding,
My mind on fire
‘What I’ll find under Christmas tree when wake up?’
This time is over.
I not going to get anything.
I don't even have a Christmas tree
They are doing best in a forest.
Snow is squicking under my feet.
In a dark fog walks towards me a dark silhouette like... What is that? Santa Claus dressed in black? What the fuck I’m making up? I’m not going to get anything.
The black figure walks towards me;
something darker then darkness.
When you want to paint a vibrant black you add some violet.
There is a violent touch in this black posture coming at me on Christmas Eve; before midnight.
—“Hey man!” I say.
—“Hey hey...” A young man comes close to me with a handshake. His hand is very hot. —“Can we walk together?”
—“What is it?”
—“It’s scary.” His voice is shaky.
—“Scary what?”
—“I’m so glad you came. May be there there is God or something… I was having dark thoughts. To end my life.”
—“There is a connection for sure. It would be scary if it wasn’t so.”
—“But it’s scary. It's my family.”
—“I’ve been kicked out from home when I was 17. Parents are not professionals and will never become pro because every child is different. They may know how to handle a little kid. Not when the kid gets bigger. You cannot change your parents. " I say. —"Go apologize to them.”
He stops.
—“I will go now.” Tears in his eyes.
—“Take care of them. Remember they are just armatures.”
Santa Claus dressed in black walks away. I watch if he’ll turn, look at me. He goes. Delivered to me a Christmas gift just before midnight and moves on.

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Publicerad 2020-12-26 19:18

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  Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
"When you want to paint a vibrant black you add some violet" Violet Flame kan användas vid energisk rengöring av bostads- och arbetsutrymmen, och hjälper till att balansera och harmonisera energier. Färgen lila är associerad med planeten Mercury, som styr mentala processer, kommunikation, utbyte (information eller annat), resor . Veckodagen styrd av: Merkurius är onsdag. Den violetta flamman är en form av energi som ligger mycket nära den rena, oskapade, från vilken alla föddes i Guds vilja. Som sådan har den hög vibration och har således förmågan att rengöra energiföroreningar, låga vibrationsenergiprogram, ner till cell- och DNA-nivå.
För att dra en parallell med modern teknik är det som en medicinsk laser som rensar "sjuka" celler i kroppen. Övningarna från de berömda "pannahäxorna". Och vad för våra förfäder var heligt, för samtida blir ett föremål för hån ...
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