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Själva saken är ju att jag vet att man inte kanske förstår om man inte är insatt i 1Direction . Men tänker att man kan tolka fritt annars. ^^

To the Larrie community.

Kiss me like it is the last day on earth,
I can´t ignore your gaze on me.
You set my body on fire bae.

Why do you have to be so off limits?
It only makes me want you more than ever.

Let me kiss every bit of you.
From head to toe.
Make you moan in my ear.
The way you do when no one is around.

You are just my type and so perfectly made.
You make it impossible for me to stay away.
And you know it so well.
I´m sure you know how every movement makes me feel.

Why did you leave me?
You told me we were forever.
We were supposed to fight everything who tried to come at us.
Fight for the love.

You and me, we are like glue. Remember?
‘’I love you.’’
‘’I love you too.’
And I have never seen you so smile like that before.

Why can´t I just keep you here with me?
I´m so scared of lonely.
I need you to hold me.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Flisan
Läst 182 gånger och applåderad av 6 personer
Publicerad 2021-01-20 16:17

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  Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Förtexten - är inte insatt men gillade texten - kändes som att i och med förtexten inför dikten så blir man nyfiken...vad är det ....för community... :)

bravo Felicia.
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