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About lions and matriarky

About lions and matriarky

Lions have existed throughout human history. Lions are impressive. Especially the males with their mane. They are the ones who protect the herd from attack.
It is the female that hunts and provides food. However, the males eat first, then the female and finally the young. They get some injuries when they have to defend the herd against hyenas and against other lions that want to take over. On the whole, they live a very comfortable life.
A comparison with humans is tricky.Above all, a development has taken place here. The housewife's tasks - baking, ironing, washing - have largely been automated with washing machines, dishwashers, baking machines, etc. In this way, the women have been able to enter the labor market and make a career. Many of these women are and have been extremely successful - Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Golda Meir and more will be. In the upper-class homes, the women had help with most of the things that had to be done like cleaning, washing and whatever it could be. But they did not enter the labor market.
Maybe it will be the men who become drones and the women who become the queens.
The drones spend their days sunbathing on the beach or drinking on the outdoor cafes. The only thing they do is fertilize the females. Soon the females will choose artificial insemination. Then they can choose the best of the best.
We get a matriarchy just like the bee colonies wit a queen and her drones, . This is the only matriarchy that exists and has existed. The Viking Age was to a large extent a matriarchy. Here the men were away on their trade trips and the women took care of the homes. They kept the keys when the men came home. Now some may claim that the trade trips were pure looting, but it was the Danish Vikings who were responsible for them. We all know how Danes are.
The we ask ourselves how fast this change will take place – ten year, twenty years? As usual when it comes to changes in society, the development follows a product life cycle curve. First, we have the pioneers and the early practitioners. Then follows the early majority and we are now up to half the population. Maybe we've gotten into the early majority.
Translated into poetry, it could be like this:

The weaker sex
Is about to become the stronger sex.
The number of female medical doctors
Today there are more than the number of males.
The number of female heads of state
There are more and more.
We're on our way back to Viking Age matriarchy.
Men become side issues.
Drones controlled by queens.

Prosa av Gunnar Barkenhammar VIP
Läst 41 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2021-02-16 12:50

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  Monica Lindgren VIP

Interesting thoughts and well written. Feminists should read this!

Yes, I want to be a friend of yours
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Gunnar Barkenhammar
Gunnar Barkenhammar VIP