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I’m going through all the emotions
Can’t switch off the pain
I knew you were broken
I guess I loved you in vain

I felt your hurt, wanted to fix you
I saw the light in you and you?
What did you see in me?
Someone to cling to
when you were feeling blue

I had hesitations, they stays the same
For feelings, for depending
Love always seem to be
a loosing game

I called you my best friend
I opened up, trusted, believed in you and me
You’re still drowning in your sorrows
And you say, you set me free

I never wanted to be released
I just wanted you to hold me
I never wanted to be pleased
I just wanted you to show me

I was in a good place
I was doing me, I was on my feet
You never meant to hurt me
You say it on repeat

You leave me with no options
Your crying has stopped,
Not a single tear?
Now you’re someone new
Cold, determined, turned into my worst fear

So I’m writing it down, the story of us
So many plans, and so many words that got lost
I’m so used, to you being there
Now I exist in a world, where you just don’t care

I just want to call you, hear your voice
Write you, find the magic words
To shake you out of it, make it make sense
I can’t, cause we only exist in past tense

Fri vers (Prosapoesi) av Linadrake
Läst 132 gånger
Publicerad 2021-03-07 00:12

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