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This strange silence held in warmth

In warmth and tears and pain

In beauty and tears and pain 

My presence and my grief and my gratitude


With space for your grace

And for my letting go

Beside yours 

My gaze glimmering with tears and sadness


Your peaceful departure 

And your cheek and my hand

And the inevitable roll of water

From my eyes 

And the room

And the clocks ticking as I waited

My face before you 


Laid out with pain and serenity 

linear space beckoning for realms unknown

and left of me

the mirror of strenght from all you have taught me


You have placed those pieces

and bricks that holds my body 

Through the gifts of your endless support

Taught me how to plant seeds of self compassion

For the life that moves in me


And my wish is that all I could encompass

in my presence as you parted

from your earthly body

was overflowing  kindness

as a prayer vast and rooted in grace


And each and every teardrop

circling out of my soul 

a prayer for you to be proud of 


For the bond that we have and always will

held in the grace of this world and the beyond  

the other side of life 

the coming back home 


My wish is that my presence

was a piece of the bridge

and a piece of the barrier of light from

which you could leave knowing 

My unbreakable love

for all that you have given me


Thank you


I stay here all fragile and helpless

and also resiliant and strong,

like a wave changing form,

an ocean yet to give and grow 


Knowing that is enough 


Thank you





Fri vers av Zachrisdotter
Läst 24 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2021-03-08 00:22

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