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Reflections from a place unknown

As distant as a fading star
still as close as you always are
memories shaken by the nerves of now

None would understand
why you hide your smile with your hand
and i could never know
how you make the river flow

From this distant dream i see
your restrained tears is real
and my heart, it feels
like a magnet draw to the ground

You was the world to me
and i wouldent let you be
but a memorie in a mirror screen
and killed enyone that have, seen it

I loved you then and i still do
but fuck knows what time will do
and I can never trust myself
in a garden where evrery flower is dead

I let it be for a while
like a letter in the sky
following the wind at night
and easy my mind for a while and
i would see you there
behind those shadows i fear
long behind my consciousness
dressed in the most hideous dress

what was the promise, love
for i have forgotten it now
i dont know your face
and i hope that poem will erase

never to fill my heart
i was doomed from the start
this is another goodbye
even thou i wil try and try

Fri vers av Evol
Läst 21 gånger
Publicerad 2021-03-19 22:38

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