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Från 4/3-2021, 00:14

respect myself

i’ve been feeling lonely
oh, so lonely
constantly keeping the worry closely

i put no faith in the future
but all the trust in a critic
who’s everything but optimistic
and realistic

what a word to define
to tell what’ll be mine
feels like the only sign
in which the stars will align

the truth is that i can’t know
what will happen
when we all grow

a story i recognize
makes it difficult to empathize
when i look into those mirror eyes
i fail to see what they disguise

why don’t i let myself see it?
and why can’t i believe it?
my growth these years is only vital
not acknowledging it is pure denial
putting me down is in no way a benefit
all i say to myself sounds very indelicate
the fragile and fighter can not be separate
i don’t see my fighter, but i invented it

i should celebrate how far i’ve come
even on the days when i felt numb
should always remember to have my back
and that i can not break, i can only crack
all of the memories and wonders themselves
and i should definitely learn
to respect myself

Fri vers av fragile fighter
Läst 36 gånger
Publicerad 2021-03-30 10:30

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fragile fighter