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Till min dotter engelsk text

It was such a long a time ago that we saw each other so I decided to write this to you.
So that you know how sad I am when I’m not with you and words can’t describe everything within me.
It is only you that can dry my tears and make me whole again. My pain can only be healed with you my Tindra.
I want everything to be as it was in the past when I met your smile wherever I went. I would just close my eyes and see your smile again.
I want to be the one that heals all your wounds and dry every tear that lingers around your cheek. I always think of you when there’s a warm wind and become warm inside of myself.
I don’t want to suffer no more.
I will protect and cherish our endless love. If you never want to meet me again, I want you to know that I will never stop loving you.
What I feel for you is endless.
Endless is a love that exists between a parent and their child.
That love is entirely unique.
The love I feel towards you is entirely unique because you are UNIQUE, because there is nobody like you.
My days are not the same as they were, since I let go of your hand and let you go.
But I will never let your hand go again, because only you can make me whole again and dry my tears.
I don’t want to be sad and empty no more, I have so much love to give you
why won’t you come back to me, only you can numb all the pain I have within me.
I want to be the one that makes you smile and show how
I will carry all my love as long as I live.
Will NEVER stop fighting for you
my Tindra.
Another day with your smile
Another day disappearing in my emptiness
Only you can numb my emptiness
I want to be your all, your hero and your inspiration in life.
It is only you that can heal my pain.
turn around and come back to me, I need you more than ever to heal and become whole again.
I belong to you and you belong to me.
My arms will never let you go again.
I don’t want to live a life without you.
Wherever I go in this world you will always remain within me.
For you I would die to see your smile again.
Every night I dream about seeing you again and see that shy smile that ONLY you have

I want to make everything right this time, and will never let go of you from my arms again,
Want you to know that with time we will heal all our wounds we have within ourselves and be free and see happiness again.
We are soon there
Part of my heart will always be in your HANDS wherever in the world you turn around,
From your Father

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Läst 23 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2021-04-02 20:42

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