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Far away

Beyond the glorious horizon.
Lies a bleak and barren land.
Its fields once alive and grand.
Was trampled to dust.
By hooves that charged.
By hands that carved.
Flesh from bone.
Bloodtainted stone.

No flowers bloomed.
The bees were doomed.
To slowly starve.
Birds fell from the sky.
Left to die.

Lives were shed.
Lives were lost.
Yet no one cried.
To fill the dry earth.
A tearless tragedy.

All wildlife had long since gone.
Beyond the desolate plain.
Where there was more to gain.
Peace was again obtained.
But soon a horn was heard.
By every flock and bird.
The herd wandered far.
Au revoir.
To no avail.

Lives were shed.
Lives were lost.
But no one cared.
For the abandoned deer.
Whose mother fled in fear.
The youngling followed fast.
Despite it being last.
Its kin ran away.
Too afraid to stay.

The ground was scarred.
The trees were burned.
The mistakes have yet to be learned.
By kings that claim to rule.
Donned in crown and jewel.
They decide to dule.
Over plots of verdant land.
Its denizens can't stand.
A chance against the armies.
Who defile their home.

Lives were shed.
Lives were lost.
Yet no one bothered.
To right all wrongs.
Life went on.
Till no one remembered.
A forgotten tragedy.

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Eros Elton VIP
Läst 8 gånger
Publicerad 2021-04-04 00:57

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Eros Elton
Eros Elton VIP