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She watched him ride off in the eve.
Called by duty he left his home behind.
The life inside made her grieve.
She knew his fate had been signed.
Still she prayed.
That he would return.

He told her he'd be back.
As he kissed her farewell.
The enemy attack.
Wounded him as he fell.
His body hit the ground.
The bullet shot.
Was warm and hot.
He felt only pain.
Lying under the rain.

Why am I here?
Where did you go?

I want to see your eyes.
I want to feel your smile.
The darkness closes.
All around me.

Why am I here?
Where did I go?

I see a sparkling bridge.
I see a wooden boat.
The ferryman asks for two gold coin.
I tell him I have none.
He points to the bridge that join.
Heaven and Earth.
To the right is a light.
To the left is the path.
Back to you.
I begin to walk.

From the dream he awoke.
The cell's chains repeatedly stroke.
His wrists.
What an ironic twist.
For months he resist.
Both hunger and fatigue.
The other prisoners are in league.
Comrades and criminals align.
In order to endure.
Their captives torture.
For years he wait.
For the date,
when he will be freed.
He thinks of his wife.
He desperately needs.
To see her.
To hold her.
And his child.
Whom he's never met.

Then the day arrives.
The shackles are removed.
And he begins his journey home.
His joy and relief are dampened by the grief.
Of what he's lost.
When he finally stands in front of their door.
He thinks of the promise that he swore.
His finger press the bell.
A young boy opens and he can tell.
That this is his son.
Before he can utter,
he hears the words that makes him shudder.
"Dad, who is this man?"

Fri vers av Eros Elton VIP
Läst 4 gånger
Publicerad 2021-04-06 06:12

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Eros Elton
Eros Elton VIP