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A love letter to the love of my life

To the love of my life,

I wrote you letter about six year ago. I thought I would tell you how much I wanted to meet you, but in a way I think now you already know. I promised I would go through heartache and heartbreak to figure out who I am, that it would make me ready for when I met the right man. It's been six years of new loves and hard goodbyes, I have cried rivers, felt completely broken, but god knows I have tried. It changed me as a person, it changed everything I already thought I knew, it taught me that no one can complete me, not even you. I learnt how to stand up when I felt really small, learnt how to forgive myself when I made a mess out of it all. I learnt that the biggest vow should be to myself, that I should love me, before I love someone else. But do not worry, because you are also the love of my life, this is only early days, but I already know I will one day be your wife. It's not because I desperately need you to feel complete, it's how you make me feel when our baby blue eyes meet. It's your freckles spread across your face, how you wrap your arms around me, and make me feel loved in just an embrace. It's the little dance when you cook, the singing out of tune, the focused face, actually it's all the different ways you look. It is one of many reasons to why I love you, its how much you put your heart into everything you do. It is the memories we have only just made, and I cant wait to spend a life with you, having an abundance but still wanting nothing to fade. It's been six years since I last wrote, so I wanted to tell you in a similar note, that I am so glad I finally found, everything and more, to someone I am life-bound.

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Publicerad 2021-05-06 12:52

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