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till min älskade leila vars kärlek har förvandlats till hat

leila's revenge


your desire for revenge
is so strain.
it's planted in your brain.
I could call it as a plague with no andetote. No cure.
Nothings sacred. nothings pure.
there is no honor here to gain
maybe just a grasp of guilt, sorrow and pain.

it feels like a trench deep seated with animosity.
your heart is too blinded by hatre and you cannot see.
as you cut down my beloved tree.
certainly revenge shall not set you free.

I do realise my errors and fate
I tried desperately from your home to escape.
it was so weird .
but I still know my love for you will never retire
yet your hatre enslaves and my beloved tree cannot grow higher

revenge it is a prison sentence that already transpire..
If you fight love with fire.


Fri vers av bonjovanni M
Läst 41 gånger
Publicerad 2021-05-25 22:45

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bonjovanni M