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när kärlek blir hat, inte för min del naturligtvis inte

beguiled junkie boy

beguiled junkie boy

again here is your junkie boy!
may my writings bring you joy ...

leila and Marcio was a couple very in love
brought together by god from above
but her religiosity made them apart
it broke Marcio's heart

he thought their love was a beautiful thing
but never came to be sealed by a ring
as husband and wife
couple for life
'cause in the reality she used him as a thing
she beguiled him while the junkie boy thought he was a king

so was the end of the pseudo perfect couple
it is not a good idea to tell more, but they were often in trouble.

by bonjovanni M
May, 25th 2021

Fri vers av bonjovanni M
Läst 44 gånger
Publicerad 2021-05-26 00:13

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bonjovanni M