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Från 13/6-2021 och 14/6-2021

dirty diamond

only soft on the surface, like belief in eternal light
got silver steel eyes that excel at any given fight
the stars and i sit in the dark, all alone at night
but soon enough i’ll be glistening so boldly bright

my gemmed mind is in the state of creative craze
the end of an era is my because for this faded haze
colored paper rolling in while envisioning the golden days
when a dirty diamond like me will be visiting a mighty gaze

why buy jewelry that’s priced so elegantly
while rejecting carbon that craves no delicacy
are you too dusty to believe, to not think hesitantly
are you not wise enough to trust i’ll be polished eventually

even the finest rubies need their time to shine
even in the dimmest world, watch them age like wine
so i exhale in a foreign land and stop looking for the thrilling signs
manifest a soaring dream, i promised i’ll be living mine

Fri vers av fragile fighter
Läst 31 gånger
Publicerad 2021-06-14 14:44

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fragile fighter