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Inspirerad av Domestic Matters by Harvey Shapiro

I huset tar barnen upp mest utrymme
för dem.

I deras gemensamma säng;
som en relik
från ett tidigare äktenskap

de vänder på sig
och deras ryggar säger

God natt.

De är nästan
utom hörhåll från varandra;
de lyssnar ändå

på barnens frågor
och deras svar på dem.

Domestic Matters
It wasn't what I had thought
Children taking up
Most of the house, leaving
Me (or so it often seems)
Only room enough
For the bed. Which itself
Is a kind of relic, as if
From an earlier

And so you turn
In the bedroom door,
White, and so small,
To say good night.
To say there are
Two of us.

(När de sex versraderna kopierades, radbröts varje bokstav)

We are almost
Out of earshot
Of one another
Yet our answers
Seem to find
Connected questions
Of an urgency
So deep, they might
Be coming
From the center
Of a life.

We were comrades In a disastrous war.
We have created a history
That will be sung In the psyche of others.
Troy's burning
And the flames may light us
All the way to death.

Skapa | Skriva av Den filosofiske poeten VIP
Läst 16 gånger
Publicerad 2021-06-19 22:30

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Den filosofiske poeten
Den filosofiske poeten VIP