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gospel rap

in a bad beat, I can make the rap good
I will never let you be misunderstood.
the guitar is cheap and not made of Brazilian rosewood
don't you worry I won't bother your neighborhood.
Good boy I am, sometimes a little rude,
with my rap, I will become a wealthy dude.
right now I am poor and I rap just for food
rhymes are in my blood and I am always in the mood

I go on and on till you get tired and say goodbye
I am the apple of God's eye
I belong to the very most high
if you say goodbye I will greet you with "banzai"
I wear a shirt without a tie.
I am still waiting for you to make me an apple pie
for nothing I can start to cry
don't question why
I am cheeky but sometimes pretty shy
I am afraid one day you say crucify this crap guy
I am not wanted for the FBI
you are my alibi
don't do that 'cause I am your ally
the law of love you cannot modify
but my rap is also a lullaby
my rhymes are good and that you cannot deny
I just hope my rap will be in the Spotify
all your messages right away I reply
I am so fucking romantic that I want to kiss you under the blue sky
I even rapped once in The Mount Sinai
I am not a patriot and fucking the fourth of July
get a six month of food supply
I am so fucking strong but not like Popeye
Please give the password of your WIFI
my favorite pet is a butterfly
my rhymes are just to pacify
but I fight like a samurai
I am here waiting on standby.
I listen to rev Aureo and Josh the rabbi
I also listen to prophet Mordecai
I rap 'cause God is worse to glorify
I will rap till I die

M Bonjovanni
22nd June 2021

Fri vers (Modernistisk dikt) av bonjovanni M
Läst 18 gånger
Publicerad 2021-06-23 21:34

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bonjovanni M