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Moon river

He used to bring me coffee,
every morning with a kiss on the cheek.
I would listen to his gentle humming,
every day of the week.
He never left without planting a kiss,
telling me he loved me,
and all of the parts of me he would miss.
It would only be for 8 hours,
or however long he would be away,
the timing never mattered,
because I always asked him to stay.
He used to say I was too pretty,
that I shouldn't break someone's heart,
that I shouldn't be so gorgeous,
at least not when we were apart.
He would sing me moon river,
every time I was sad,
say that I was safe even when things felt bad.
He loved me with his whole being,
still does to this day.
But we went through hell,
and breaking up was the only way.
It sets an unachievable standard,
for any other man,
because once you have been loved like that,
it is hard to believe that anyone else can.

Prosa av pappersplan VIP
Läst 75 gånger
Publicerad 2021-06-30 17:49

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