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Inspirerad av Audre Lorde 1

En svart kvinna talar
Märkt av natten och bränd av solen;
en skugga i vit mans land

jag har format vårt land
inte med våld,
utan med sävligt betande kor; åkrar

vi har plöjt fram
ur era gruvor våra diamanter

med undergiven ilska.
A Woman Speaks

Moon marked and touched by sun
my magic is unwritten
but when the sea turns back
it will leave my shape behind.
I seek no favor
untouched by blood
unrelenting as the curse of love
permanent as my errors
or my pride
I do not mix
love with pity
nor hate with scorn
and if you would know me
look into the entrails of Uranus
where the restless oceans pound.
I do not dwell
within my birth nor my divinities
who am ageless and half-grown
and still seeking
my sisters
witches in Dahomey
wear me inside their coiled cloths
as our mother did
I have been woman
for a long time
beware my smile
I am treacherous with old magic
and the noon's new fury
with all your wide futures
I am
and not white.

Audre Lorde

Skapa | Skriva av Den filosofiske poeten VIP
Läst 44 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2021-08-19 01:34

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Den filosofiske poeten
Den filosofiske poeten VIP