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Not a Poem

This is not a poem
This is not a verse
This is not a tome
where I will neither bless nor curse

Once I dated a nurse
The sex was pretty good
The worst thing was
I didn't feel like I really knew her
There was so much below the surface
And I didn't take the time to discover
who she really was
I just got scared

She talked about marriage after
about six weeks
She was into Salsa dancing
But that felt like something
I had done earlier and didn't
want to go there again
at least not at first

She liked doing laundry
and folding it in creative ways
she made a fashion
of putting a pair of socks together

Yes, that was pretty cool
And she was hot
smokin' hot
She had a loft bed
and it was like sleeping on an island
up in the air - in the clouds
with really high ceilings so you
don't bump your head

She liked to cook and drink wine
and bathe in candlelight
When she came to sleep at my place
She always brought a silver candlestick
in her bag of tricks


She had a cat who
probably had used about six of
her nine lives I reckon

I went with her to visit her family
in Finland
She had a loft bed there too
Interesting...a pattern was developing

Her favorite movie was Jungle Book
She loved the tiger, I can understand why
She also had wild eyes
that could see in the dark

Her father was dying
and I sat in the hall
didn't go into his hospital room
meanwhile there were dinners
at her Mom's with the whole family there
and they made me feel at home
I liked them

We went to her friends and took a sauna
that was really good - that's what you
do in Finland on a Friday evening
Actually, that's when I felt closest to her

She was truly bilingual in Swedish and Finnish
and it was fantastic the way that she could
shift effortlessly between the two languages
With her mom she spoke one language
and with her father the other
I just can't remember which was which

She spent a lot of time on the
phone with her friends
who were nice but didn't really
make a lasting impression on me

Maybe there was a shortage of
laughter, maybe that's what was lacking,
not enough mirth
for what it's worth

But as I said before:

This is not a poem
This is not a verse
This is not a tome
where I will neither bless nor curse

the apache kid

Fri vers av the apache kid VIP
Läst 38 gånger och applåderad av 8 personer
Publicerad 2021-09-12 10:08

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  Flicis VIP
Spännande! Och vilket språk språka hon med vem.. skojigt. Å de bastade på fredagen...hmm.. undrar varför andra tar saunan på lördagen. Intressant text och spännande.

    100apor VIP
Du skriver så underbart levande här!
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the apache kid
the apache kid VIP