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My heart of a father figure. I have been mercy in this life. Still, I wounder if there been a walk to remember of all the time?
Still, I am running.
Dear mercy quire me. I know you can for just a hope. Dear mercy saves us all.
I miss the true love that we kindly stand us for.
I am here with and without you, bae.
Still, I am running. From every reason to stay? But you are with me in my dreams.
“I have never been so strong like I am today. “
I know a girl;
“You have never been more beautiful than you are right now, we don’t know the future but we do know past we think of…”
Speaking always what about been right. Do you remember why you say this in your voices?
Do you know why I just listen every word you speak about?
Do you know I admire the person and man I am today?
To the blind man ever figure this out?
can you still hear my pray?

Dear mr love, I would be glad to tell a story of life.
What a man is…? Is what he does…?
But if that is true? Why is life so short compare what we deserve?
I have a sight. But it is a paperweight right here in front of myself.

Dear mrs love, I wonder why is beauty more than being good?
My answer would be; I trust the woman I hold on to… for love and future.

Fri vers (Modernistisk dikt) av Rille
Läst 28 gånger
Publicerad 2021-09-25 10:29

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